Association Expert Seminar 2018

This is the post event website for the AES 2018. Registration for the AES 2019 opens in February 2019!

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Please visit our Facebook page to view the pictures taken during the AES.

All presentations that we have received from the speakers are now online and can be viewed through ICCA’s Slideshare account. To view and download the presentations click here.

AES articles
Articles based on the topics that were discussed during the AES will be uploaded to the Knowledge Hub on the ICCA website!


Association Expert Seminar
 association executives and ICCA members come together to exchange knowledge, network and get the latest news.

The AES covers all aspects of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings and at the same time is a unique opportunity for suppliers to understand client objectives and business cultures, and for association executives to understand how to negotiate with and understand the objectives of suppliers, enabling both sides to establish stronger and more productive business relationships. 

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